Admin VA

Appointment management

Managing your appointments and daily tasks is not an easy job. Your VirtuStaff VA will identify essential and non-essential tasks on your calendar so that modifying your schedules can be convenient and fast.


You will not have to worry about forgetting upcoming meetings, family events, birthdays, or anniversaries anymore.

Task management

Our VirtuStaff VAs are the best at handling
all administrative tasks, like scheduling your
itinerary, sending meeting invites, managing
emails, and calls, making travel bookings,


Additionally, our VAs are well
experienced in taking notes, creating
reports, presentations, and more, allowing
you to focus on core tasks while they
manage your administration responsibilities.

Calendar management

Our VAs will handle your calendar
management from A to Z. . If you have tasks
that require prioritization our VAs will provide
advance reminders in time to enhance your

Email & call management

Email and call management can be a lot to
handle throughout your day. Not reviewing
your inbox or phone can cause your email
and call management functions to eat into
your productivity.

Our VAs will handle emails
as well as phone calls. Let us know your
communication ethics and your standard
process so we can do it for you.

Booking & travel scheduling

Our VAs can look for the best hotels/Airbnbs
that suit your preference and make
bookings at the best rates before they
become unavailable. This will remove the
stress of finding the right place for your
vacations or work travels.


Once you
delegate this to your VA, she will ensure that
you get everything sorted without hiccups.
Our VAs will go the extra mile to handle your
travel budget, hotel/Airbnb reservations,
cancelations, and other tasks without you
worrying about it.


What is data entry? Every idea that crosses
your mind, any client list, service list,
meeting notes, etc. With periodic
management of your data, you can stay
organized all round the year. Your VA can
also, respond to information requests,
access files, and bring up information you

Ordering & delivering gifts

We have you covered if you are a bit forgetful about important

events! VirtuStaff VAs
will make sure to locate the best gift for the
occasion as per your request. Your VA will
manage the logistics and deliver gifts to your preferred address.


Your VA can generate a
a yearly list of holidays and gifts and plan
purchases accordingly to save you from
last-minute hiccups.

Subscription management

If you have several subscriptions and no you
can’t keep on with the expiring dates, then
this is something your VA can be on top of.


By having your subscriptions monitored by
your VA, you can always enjoy their
uninterrupted benefits.

Payment reminders

You have also problems not forgetting when
to pay your other bills. Your VA will keep a
hawk's eye on your utility bills and their
payment due dates.


Your VA can set
automated reminders. We can help you
plan your expenses with reports if you are

Social media management

You want to have your business on the next
level but you don’t have the time? If you are
time-constrained to handle your social
media pages, our VAs can maintain your
accounts on your behalf by planning and
posting the content as per your schedule.


We can help you build your online presence
by understanding your short-term and
long-term goals.