4 Reasons I Chose to Become a Virtual Assistant

It takes a simple search of #virtualassistant on Instagram and TikTok to find a plethora of people discussing how much they love being a V.A. and how great of an industry it is to break into. Those actually working in the industry have many different reasons for joining this workforce and opinions on what it has done for them personally. Today I walk through the 5 reasons I chose to become a virtual assistant and why it has worked for me.

Working Remotely

Graduating college in May 2020 wasn’t an experience that I would wish on anybody no matter how much I dislike them. It was a time of work anxiety and new grads struggled to find work as many were getting laid off and shifting to working from home. Though I didn’t enter the V.A. workspace at this time, the flexibility and freedom of working remotely would have allowed me to continue working through the pandemic as normally as possible. Now as life seemingly returns to the way it was, working remotely is an option many are choosing to stick with. V.A’s have always had this luxury and it’s one of the many benefits of this job.

Flexible Hours - Within Reason

Since I’m working remotely, I can adjust my work hours as I need to depending on the flexibility of the client I’m working with. Scheduling doctor's appointments or running errands aren’t as stressful as they would be in an ordinary office setting. It’s not a free for all but I’m able to have an appointment in the middle of the day and just work later that evening to make up for the missed time.


This reason doesn’t apply to everyone but it does for me. As I enter parenthood in June having a job that was able to accommodate the requirements of being a new parent without completely giving up having a job was key to me. Being a V.A. is a great option for parents who are looking to spend as much time with their children as possible while continuing to reach for their career ambitions.

Working for an Agency vs Freelancing

While a lot of V.A.’s are freelancers who only work for themselves and have all client relations go only through them, there are also V.A. agencies such as Virtustaff. Working for an agency rather than being a freelancer was a great decision for me since it took away the stress of creating my own business and being solely responsible for finding clients. It also allows me to work with others in a way that lets me grow and explore options within the company outside of solely being a V.A. if I wish to look into that in the future.

Being a V.A. isn’t an area of work that interests everyone, but these were just a few of the reasons why I found this to be the right place for me. I was a complete beginner when I started and I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to grow and learn with this job in my time here. The future also holds many opportunities for the V.A. workspace and I’m excited to be a part of it as our modern idea of work is constantly changing.


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Written by: Jordan Basham

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