6 Tips for Advancing Your Career

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We all strive to get ahead, even CEOs of the largest companies in the world may strive for more from themselves or their businesses. Whether it’s seeking a promotion, wanting to pursue a specific career path, or simply wanting a raise, most people look for ways to advance within their careers. There are some tips that can help you with this growth if the path you are on now is one you want to continue to pursue and grow in.

Have Clear Short and Long-Term Goals

Where do you see yourself in 6 months? What about in 3 years? Although we were aggressively reminded in 2020 that life does not always go the way we expect it to, having career goals can help guide us. Breaking down what you want to accomplish in the short term will give you milestones to celebrate as you continue to grow. Long-term goals are bigger aspirations for you to reach and discuss within your network.

Seek Out Educational Resources

Take advantage of whichever educational/training opportunities your work is offering you. It will not only benefit your current job performance but will be a useful tool to add when leveraging for a promotion or a higher position at a different company. Already being trained from within will make you a better candidate for an internal promotion than hiring an outside person to be fully trained from scratch.

Observe Executives Within Your Workspace

Whether or not you strive to become an executive, you can learn a lot from observing those in the highest positions are your company. This is not to say that you should hang on their every word or do exactly as they do. In fact, you can learn just as much from what you admire about an executive as you can from what weaknesses they have. Seeing these behaviors in other people can help shape you into the type of leader you’d like to be or how you’d like to see yourself in an advanced position in the future.

Handling Workplace Conflict In A Constructive Manner

No one enjoys having to handle workplace conflict. It comes in many forms and can arise from a variety of reasons. But how you handle these conflicts is one of the biggest reflections of yourself that your company will see. Do you remain calm and bring up issues to HR when you feel something has gone wrong? Or do you act out against the person you’re having the conflict? Even if you are in a position where you were wronged, it can quickly become more about how you handled the situation than the issue at hand. As difficult as it can be remaining calm and professional will speak volumes to those around you, especially higher-level management.

Ask For Feedback

You don’t have to wait for a yearly performance review to ask for feedback from your team leader(s). Seeking out feedback on specific projects or your overall job performance shows that you truly care about your position and the quality of your work. Those above you will most likely appreciate that you are seeking out how to improve rather than remaining satisfied with potentially average performance.

Share Your Goals With Your Team

The goals mentioned above can be shared within your team so they are not only aware of the things you’d like to accomplish but can keep you in mind for career advancement opportunities in the future. Sharing these goals with them will also give you the chance to see if there is a potential to grow from within because if you find that not be the case, you can pursue other avenues.

There’s no clear-cut guide to getting a promotion, raise, or finding a position above where you are now. But these tips can help you to move in the direction you’d like to head professionally to reach a point where you are not only satisfied but happy and fulfilled in your career.


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Written by: Jordan Basham

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