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  • Jordan Basham

Our Staff's New Years Resolutions: Big and Small

Updated: May 3, 2022

By Jordan Basham, VirtuStaff Virtual Assistant

The New Year is creeping up on a lot of us faster than we had planned it to, and with the diversity of the staff here at Virtustaff, I decided to reach out to our team to see what their resolutions are looking like as we all start to feel 2022 this Friday. (Yes, the Taylor Swift reference was necessary). Resolutions as a whole can be a daunting discussion with gyms flooding for the first few months and then slowly trickling down in attendees and with the unexpected aspects of life that get thrown in as the year progresses. To comfort you in your journey of heading into this new year with some big or small goals, we had our team share some of their resolutions so that we know we are all in this together.

Some of our staff such as Michelle Dancey, one of our V.A.’s, has resolutions to really set aside time for her loved ones this year,

‘My biggest goal this year is to be more present with my loved ones because life is so short. This means taking out replaceable tasks from my schedule and actually scheduling date night with my husband, shopping with mom, Marvel movie day with my brother’s, and playdough time with my daughters. Make time to read, exercise, and practice self-care more. Things I’ve been pushing to the side for years, I want to accomplish in 2022. Albert Einstein said, “If you want different results, do not do the same things.” This is the year to do things differently.’

While other members of our staff such as Operations Director, Paloma Cano, have gone through some major life changes this past year and are looking forward to more positive change in 2022,

‘Last year was one of the most difficult and yet the most wonderful years of my life so far. COVID and travel restrictions separated me from my love for the first part of the year. Almost at the end, it allowed us to get together, get married, and start an amazing and wonderful life in his country. For me, this year will be full of challenges emotionally, spiritually, and economically. Economically, I will push my businesses (Virtustaff being one) up and running along with my beloved CTG to make sure they are more successful than last year. I also need to get out of my Mexican comfort zone and start thinking in pounds sterling! Personally, we bought a lovely flat last year and we are slowly but surely decorating our love nest. Moving to a new country brings thousands of opportunities of getting to know places, discovering new foods, and allowing myself to feel and enjoy life. It’s hard to be away from my family and home country, but I’m so looking forward to seeing them really soon and hugging them again. This year is a complete transition of changing from me to us in every aspect of this new, amazing life.’

Our Coordination and Management Director, Tiffany Hatfield wants to work on balancing her time to fit in owning Virtustaff, while also making time for her husband and daughter,

‘Work-life balance is so important and as a mom and a business owner, there is so much to get done in a day. My personal resolutions this year are to continue to perfect the art of balancing my schedule and allowing more time to spend with my daughter. I would love to check off a few bucket list items this year, like taking my husband and daughter to Europe. I would also like to make time to do things that are just for me; visit a museum, spend more time crafting, and finally get around to finishing the book I started in August.’

Fran Bell, our Client Coordinator, and HR Director wants to take this New Year to,

‘Be more consistent with goals that I set for myself. I also want to travel the world more and learn about other cultures.’ Whereas Sales Director at Virtustaff and CEO of our sister company CTG, Nickoy Bennett has goals of self-care that help him in caring for those around him, ‘My goals are to take care of me a little bit more so I can take care of everyone else and to go to sleep before 12 am.

No matter the size or how far-reaching your goals may seem, the New Year is about chipping away a little at a time at those goals throughout the next 365 days. When you look back on this year you can feel accomplished knowing that you did in fact climb the mountain, even if you were only focused on one step every day. We at Virtustaff want to wish you a Happy New Year and may your resolutions motivate you to have a happy, fulfilling, and successful 2022.

Written by: Jordan Basham

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