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  • Jordan Basham

Why You Need a Virtual Assistant, From a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Your time is like currency, it has value

Here at Virtustaff, virtual assistants are kind of our thing. Our goal is to help you become as productive and successful as you can be so that you and your business can thrive. Today, we sit down with one of our skilled virtual assistants, Raquel King. She discusses the different ways having a V.A benefits individuals and their businesses.

Time is Money; Save Money by Having More Time

I know at first it may seem counterintuitive that you could save money by having to pay to hire a V.A. But your time is like currency, it has value. The more time you spend away from the tasks that help your business, the less productive you feel. This is where Virtustaff comes in. We help with email management, calendar organization, call forwarding, and more. Tasks you need to complete to help give you your time back so that you can focus more on the details of your business. The money spent in the short term on a V.A will pay off. It shows through the amount of extra time you’ll have in the long term to focus on what you love.

Raquel’s Note: ‘The convenience of a V.A is one of the biggest reasons there is demand for our industry. No matter where a client may be, their V.A is available right at their fingertips, an email or text and a V.A will be there.’

Reduce Labor Costs

Having a Virtustaff V.A is a flexible experience. You don’t have to hire a full-time employee. Who you may not have enough wages or hours for. Virtustaff assistants come with flexible hours packages. You only pay for the number of hours that you need us. Any hours in a month that aren’t filled easily transfer over to the next month. For example, you only have enough desk work for a VA one hour a week, but it saves you extra time throughout the week? We can work that one hour for you. Virtustaff assistants are here to help you. Once you sign on with us and we figure out how we can meet your needs, we take care of you as if we were your own employee.

We Can Help You In and Out of the Office

Need more printer ink? Have a family dinner you need to make reservations for? Want to have accountability on going to the gym? These are all non-work-specific tasks that V.As can help you with. This still takes to-do’s off of your list and puts them on ours. It’s easier to feel motivated to reach certain goals when you share those feelings with someone. They can help hold you accountable. Once you create a rapport with your V.A, they can better understand you and your preferences. For example, when making a reservation they’ll take into account your likes and dislikes. Dinner won’t be at an Indian restaurant because they remember you saying how much you dislike it.

Raquel’s Note: ‘Flexibility is also a great value in a V.A. We work from home and can have more time on our hands to perform tasks. We also take less absence because we can take our work with us and be able to work on the go or during a time when the offices may shut down for things such as inclement weather, or lockdown. When we are under the weather, we can still hop on our computer for a few minutes to do something for a client that’s urgent or an emergency.’

We Can Handle Tasks Specific to Your Business

As your relationship with your V.A grows, they learn more about the type of business that you’re in. Then you can start to task them with things more specific to your business. Whether it’s research for a project, reaching out to clients about issues, or looking over documents for you, these tasks can be done through your V.A.

We’d like to thank Raquel for taking the time out of her day to collaborate with us on this article. We appreciate her sharing her thoughts as to why V.A’s are a helpful tool from the perspective of a V.A such as herself.

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