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Co-Host VA


Your VA will help you create a 5-star listing.
They can provide you with tried and tested
products like house manuals, message
templates, and checklists that will take your
listing to the next level.


Your VA will know what works and what
doesn’t make your listing stand out and
get noticed. Especially if you are an out of
town owner, they can help provide
location-specific recommendations.

Price & calendar updates

Once your business starts growing, you
could spend all day trying to keep up with
your own calendar and itinerary.

Maintenance & cleaning management

Your VA will help you to organize the
maintenance and cleaning crew that is
always on hand when needed.


No more searching through google to find a
plumber willing to come out at such late

Check in-out management

One of the more stressful aspects of
property management is showing up for
your guests to check in and lead your
property. This process can consume up your
time, in turn eating up your profits and
creating massive, unnecessary headaches
for you.

The way to avoid this stress is to
streamline arrival and checkout, which you
can do without any significant effort through
your VA.

Guest communication

Your guests expect a certain level of
hospitality and they will judge your entire
business based on your service.


If you are
committed to effective communication and
problem-solving, then this should be good
news: the fact of the matter is, service will
always outshine the listing itself.

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