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Content Creation VA

Content creation

Let us manage your social media accounts
and help you monetize your digital
marketing campaigns with high-quality
content. We will do our best to create
information-rich content.


We will create and
promote targeted content across social
media and pitch to decision-makers whose
profiles match the scope of your target
buyer profile.

Calendar management

Engagement and timing are key rules in
social media marketing. Your VA will be
assigned to schedule postings on social
media. This will keep your pages active and increase visibility, reach, and engagement..


Your VA can also keep you on track about
your posting schedules through applications
like Google Calendar. Your VA can create
summaries that can guide your future
planning and creating strategies for posting
at the best time of day.

Branding templates

Keeping up a consistent presence on social
media also entails presenting your brand in
a consistent, recognizable manner. For this,
you can have social media post templates
created for all of your company’s social
media outlets.


This helps your prospects
recognize your brand, its values, and the
products or services you’re offering.
They can also create templates for email


Video editing is a large time-consuming
task better off delegated to video producers.
With the right skills, experience, and tools,
our VAs will take your original videos and
create video content that drives audiences
to engage with your brand.

Content traffic management

Monitoring the analytics of the engagement
and interaction with your post is vital to see
if you are going in the right direction.


Your VA
can monitor and prepare reports on how
well their actions affect your business goals.

Engagement management

As your social media admin, your VA will
become your content engagement for all
your accounts. They can respond to
inquiries, redirect prospects to the right
pages, and build content around frequently
asked questions.


This task will also involve
researching the right hashtags and content
types that encourage engagement among
your followers.

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