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A virtual assistant provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses, big or small, from a remote location. From digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments and managing events to booking flights. A VirtuStaff assistant can do almost anything. 

Give us your to-do list and get on with your love-to-do list...

Get started by having your VA set up meetings, manage your busy schedule and streamline all the information that pours into your inbox. They can help remind you of that important call, deal with the phone company, and track you're packages. With your VA handling all the small stuff, you can start focusing on what's truly important, in work and life.
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What's a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (V.A.) is an assistant who works remotely. The first V.A's surged in the 1990's with the advancement of technology which brought reliable internet to more homes.  Soon after, businesses realized they didn't have to bring an employee into the office to get the job done. Resulting k the first V.A’s. today. V.A's are in high in demand by entrepreneurs and online businesses that need help but don't have the resources such as a physical office space for staff. What are you waiting for to hire a V.A. today?

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Supercharge your life with a  Virtual Assistant



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The key to achieving different results, is taking a different approach. Sign up for V.A. today!

"VirtuStaff is a godsend!! As a small business owner, many people can relate that there is just not enough time in the day. I have a running list of tasks, every time I cross off one item, I add two more. I’m able to shift some of my tasks to my virtual assistant and focus on the larger business development and managerial tasks. For the more in-depth tasks that require my input, I’m able to have my assistant perform some areas of the task and then manage my schedule for the remnant. I’ve been able to work with a very intelligent, timely, eager, and adaptable assistant. Additionally, I’m able to supplement my bid and proposal needs by leveraging VirtuStaff services to drive these efforts. I’m beyond pleased with the work provided by VirtuStaff and highly recommend their services!"

- Stacey Cameron, CEO/Co-Founder QoS Consulting Solutions, LLC

I’m more than happy with VirtuStaff, they are very reliable and resourceful. My V.A. is a phenomenal communicator and a hardworker. Thank you for everything.

- Nickoy Bennet, CEO CTG, Inc

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VirtuStaff is the secret weapon of successful people. Not just in work, but in life. We give you more time to focus on the big picture by taking care of the little details for you.


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