How To Level Up Your Self-Care Routine

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We all deserve to take some time for ourselves and invest in self-care. Not only does self-care benefit us but everyone else around us including our family, colleagues, and friends. Taking the time to show your body and mind some love can bring out the best in ourselves rather than continuing to constantly work and focus on the different stressors in our lives. Here are a few tips on leveling up your self-care routine.

Channel Your Introverted or Extrovertedness

The biggest difference between introverts and extroverts and where you get your emotional energy from. Introverts gain energy from being alone while extroverts gain energy from being around people. Ambiverts fall somewhere in between. Whether you feel recharged being alone or in a group, spend time doing whichever makes you feel refreshed. This is an opportunity to recharge within yourself or connect with those close to you.

Get Outside

Even if simply walking down the street or sitting out on your balcony is all that you can manage, getting outside can elevate your mood and give you a chance to disconnect from your screens. As we begin to approach summer, spending time with your spouse, pets, or kids outside will bring you closer together and relax your mind while exercising your body. If reading is an important part of your usual self-care routine, consider finding a nice space outside to read so you’re getting the benefits of something you love, while also enjoying the sun.

Think About What/Who You Are Grateful For

Although the practice of daily journaling is commonly seen on Instagram and TikTok, it may not be realistic for everyone to sit down and write out what they are grateful for every day. However, you can still take a moment to think about who and/or what you are grateful for in your life. This moment can be taken while brushing your teeth in the morning, on your lunch break at work, or at night right before you go to sleep. Practicing gratitude has been linked to improved physical and mental health. This gives you an extra boost of self-love and overall well-being when you incorporate this practice into your life.


Chocolate ice cream, getting your nails done, buying a new video game, or going on a family vacation. However you define indulging in something, it’s nice to give yourself a reward on occasion. Everyone’s situation is different and indulging financially on an item or experience may not be completely possible, but indulging doesn’t have to be monetary. Although things you are able to purchase can be a part of your self-care routine, it doesn’t have to be. Indulging may be taking a hot bath or finding a quiet moment away from your kids to spend with yourself. Whichever method you find best suits you for indulging, do it. Give yourself that extra step of care and attention that you normally give others.

Everyone’s version of self-care is different and cannot be defined in a specific box. But incorporating these different elements into your routine can help take the time you put aside for yourself to the next level. Although relaxing may not seem productive from an outside perspective, it’s one of the best things you can do to help you continue to bring your best self forward to your family, friends, and career.


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Written by: Jordan Basham

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