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  • Jordan Basham

5 Things That Won’t Happen if You Have a Virtual Assistant

By Jordan Basham

Photo by: Domenico Loia on Unsplash

1. You won’t waste time sorting through emails and missed messages

Time, time, time. With a virtual assistant time is what you’ll have a lot more of on your hands. Clerical tasks like checking emails, going through voicemail messages, and responding messages are what VAs are for. The less time you spend on these tasks the more time you will have to focus on your business. While also getting your inboxes checked and organized.

2. You won’t miss a meeting again

With access to your calendar, your VA can ensure that you’ll never miss a meeting again. Setting up alarms via your phone, and by calling or texting you themselves will remind you. An extra bonus here is that your VA can schedule meetings for you. Once they know your availability and who you are meeting with, they can get in contact with that person. Then have a meeting scheduled for you.

3. You won’t feel burnt out

Burnout is an issue that more and more professionals are facing in their lives. A virtual assistant will help take tasks off of your plate. This helps you be more productive in other aspects of running your business. VAs can also pick up some weight for when you need to take time for yourself to practice self-care and mind your mental health. You also won’t feel as much pressure to push yourself to work on days that you aren’t feeling well. Your VA can reach out to clients and let them know that you are under the weather and out of office for the day. While also continuing to manage your inbox and reschedule meetings.

4. Your social media accounts won’t be a chore to maintain

Your virtual assistant can also help you with social media content. This can vary from curating content, to scheduling when it’s posted, and keeping a calendar of content so that your accounts stay active. This is beneficial if you are your own business or if your business has social media accounts that you are looking to bring more traffic to. With this extra help you won’t feel as if your social media is a chore.

5. You won’t miss important dates

Say one of your clients has a birthday coming up, you mention this a few weeks in advance to your VA. Next thing you know, the week of said birthday hits. Your VA asks you, ‘Hey would you like to send so and so a gift for their birthday?’ By communicating these dates with your VA, they can stay on top of reminders like that so that you don’t have to deal with guilt about forgetting. They can also go ahead and order a gift on your behalf to send to the client once provided their info.

These are 5 ways that Virtustaff virtual assistants can help revolutionize your work life. We hope you enjoyed this article! If you’re interested in learning more about having a virtual assistant please feel free to reach out to us. We are accessible through our email, and website

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